2018 San Diego Fall Classic

Haulin’ Home Some Hardware

Eight entries and four medals for Utah Crew!

With 8 entries, we earned:  2 silvers, 2 bronzes, 2 fourth places, a 7th, and an 8th place finish.

The hard work really paid off!  Here is quick summary (by race):

  • 4th:  (13) Men’s Jrs 1x (Hoglin)
  • 2nd:  (45) Womes Jr Novice 8+ (Cornell, Lair, Koutrouba, Laufer, Pelichoff, Williams, Kim, Lebold, Campbell)
  • 3rd:  (51) Mens Jr 4+ (Carlebach, Maughan, Jovanoic-Hacon, Bielaczyc, Brown)
  • 4th:  (52) Womens Jr 4x (Goldsmith, Volmrich, Fisher, Lee)
  • 8th:  (57) Mens Jr 2x (Fastre, Thomas)
  • 7th:  (58) Womens Jr 2x (Tuttle, Combs)
  • 3rd:  (59) Men’s Jr Novice 4+ (Kim, Levine, White, Jacquin, Lebold)
  • 2nd:  (61) Women’s Jr Novice 4+ (Cornell, Lair, Koutrouba, Laufer, Campbell)

Official results are here:  https://www.crewtimer.com/regatta/eheezbvo