Payment Methods and Financial Assistance

Registration & Invoices

When you pay an Invoice (e.g., for participation in a travel regatta) or complete a Registration for a season or event using the Utah Crew website, the default payment option offers payment via credit card or Bank ACH at the time of registration. This is the preferred payment method, as it allows the Volunteer Board to collect, manage, and record financial transactions easily and efficiently. We also offer payment via Zelle®, as well as through cash or check. When paying with Zelle®, cash, or check, please note the athlete's name and session, event, or invoice number. Check payments can be mailed to: PO Box 522131, Salt Lake City, UT 84152.  To pay be Zelle®, make payment to Offline payments must be received prior to athlete participation.

If you have questions about making payments, please contact the Treasurer.

During registration you will see the following prompt:

  • CHOOSE WHAT PROGRAM YOU WANT TO REGISTER FOR:  At the end you have choice to submit total fees online OR pay offline with cash, check, or Zelle®. On the last page of the registration, please use drop down box to choose how you want to pay.  The option to "Pay offline" is available to all rowers registering.
  • Fees are refundable during the first week of the season if you decide rowing is not for you.  Contact to arrange for a refund at that point.
  • All rowers must be fully registered and paid before getting on the water.

* Please note: The online vendor charges a credit card processing fee for each transaction; you will see that fee noted on your oder and receipt. Additionally, Utah Crew can no longer accept payment by Venmo.

*Our Competition Team fees include a refundable $100 volunteer fee. Parent or family volunteers who give at least three hours of volunteer time to the team during the season should request their volunteer fee refund in writing at the close of the season.

Financial Assistance

Utah Crew strives to create an environment in which anyone who wants to row, can row. When scholarship funding through state or local grants is not available, Utah Crew will continue to evaluate all scholarship requests by local area rowers demonstrating economic need. State and locally funded Youth Athletic Grant Scholarships may be available to athletes who qualify for free or reduced lunch programs or Medicaid.

In addition, we work with athletes and their families to ensure all rowers are able to participate, regardless of the above eligibility requirements.

If you are a rower interested in more information or would like to apply for financial assistance, please contact us at