Women's youth eight at the 5280 Regatta in Colorado

Regatta Information

Upcoming Regattas

Spring Season 2024

President's Day Weekend
Training Trip Tempe, AZ
San Diego Crew Classic April 5–7, 2024
Covered Bridge Regatta
Eugene, OR
April 13-14, 2024
Southwest Regional Championships
Sacramento, CA
May 3-5, 2024
Brine Shrimp Sprints
Salt Lake City
May 11, 2024

How are boats & lineup decisions made?

Utah Crew strives to field the most competitive boats in each race, while allowing all members of the racing team to participate. Decisions about crew personnel are based on many factors. Weight adjusted erg scores give a general idea of how individual rowers compare. Seat racing, speed of a lineup during practice, how well the rowers in a boat mesh together, ages of the athletes and the schedule of events at a particular regatta are all considered when making boat assignments. Athletes may be switched out of a boat if it is the coaches opinion that absences, illness or injury close to a scheduled regatta may impact the boat’s race performance by limiting the crews opportunity to practice together. The coaches have final discretion on boat assignments.

Athletes on the racing team will have erg tests approximately once a month. The purpose of erg testing is threefold: to train athletes on how to pace themselves for optimal performance during a race, to track an athlete’s improvement over time, and to compare athlete performance with their peers. Decades of experience has shown that weight adjustment of erg scores gives a better estimate of an athlete’s speed on the water than raw erg scores. Utah Crew recommends that athletes try to improve their erg scores by increasing strength by gaining muscle mass and improving fitness rather than by weight loss.

Occasionally Utah Crew will take only select crews to a regatta. These are events where participation is limited by the regatta directors to specific boat classes or qualifying crews only. For example, the San Diego Crew Classic only has quadruple sculls and eights events. Entries for Youth Nationals must qualify by being in the top four finishers in the Grand Final in an event at the Regional Championships. In cases such as these, only some of our athletes will be able to participate. These athletes will be chosen using the above selection criteria as circumstances permit.

These "select" regattas are denoted by the symbol:  

Travel regattas are a fun and exciting experience for our athletes. It is a chance for them to race some of the best youth rowers in the country and experience the festive and intense atmosphere of a major regatta.

Generally, the Utah Crew Racing Team competes in two (2) types of regattas: Select and Regular. In the table at left, "select" regattas will be noted with the symbol:  
All travel regattas will have parent chaperones and coaches present. Travel will be coordinated by Utah Crew. Below is a sampling of some events Utah Crew regularly participates in:

  • President's Day Weekend Training Trip (February; Tempe, AZ)
  • San Diego Crew Classic (Early April)
  • Colorado Scrimmage (Late April),
  • Regional Championships (Early May)
  • Head of the Wasatch, Jordanelle Reservoir, Heber, UT (September)
  • Head of the Schuylkill, Philadelphia, PA or Head of the Charles, Cambridge, MA (October; Select crews only)
  • San Diego Fall Classic, San Diego, CA (November)

Other regatta opportunities may be scheduled as available or needed.

Home Events are hosted by Utah Crew. Rowers from both the Racing and Recreational Teams are encouraged to participate.

  • Salt Lake Indoor Rowing Championships (Feb),
  • Brine Shrimp Sprints (May)