Our Mission

To develop the youth of Utah between the ages of 13 and 18 become rowers and help them develop their athleticism, team work, and social skills.  Rowing develops a work ethic and dedication to excellence that impacts academics positively. We have had rowers get into many excellent colleges--including Cornell, Wisconsin, Stanford, and Harvard to name a few.  We are strictly no-cut. Every child deserves the chance to develop their athleticism. Our no-cut policy and dedication to team culture are what make us successful. In recent years, we have won multiple regional titles and attended Youth and Club Nationals. Utah Crew has developed 100+ rowers since 2004.


Utah Crew has been in existence since 2004 and strives to develop each athlete to his or her full potential within an environment of safety, fun and increasing levels of challenge. There are no tryouts and no cuts. Utah Crew is a non-profit athletic club supported through program tuition and charitable donations from the community.

Rowing develops a work ethic and dedication to excellence that can have a very positive impact on academics.  In the past few years, we have had rowers go on to row at Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dartmouth, Berkley, Cornell, University of Wisconsin, Stanford, and many more excellent institutions. Additionally, there are more college athletic scholarships available for rowing than for any other sport; one of every two young women who rows in high school receives an athletic scholarship in college.


An "eight" in a spring practice on the Great Salt Lake

Where We Row

Utah Crew's main practice site is the Jordan Surplus Canal in Salt Lake City at California Ave and Redwood Road.

In the winter, we train indoors on ergs and with weights at the Utah State Fairpark.

When necessary due to water conditions, we also row on the Great Salt Lake out of the Great Salt Lake Marina.

Utah Crew athletes attend regattas held throughout the year on the Jordan Surplus Canal, at the Jordanelle Reservoir, and across the country, including Colorado, Nevada, California and Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

Typical Schedule

Utah Crew typically offers two programs:

Racing Team

Commitment:  Practices are all required. We also require attendance at races. There are no-cuts however, we just ask for dedication.

Practice Times: M, W, Th, F from 4-6 PM and Sat from 8-11 AM

Race/Travel Requirements: You are required to attend every local race and 1-2 travel regattas.

Prerequisites: No experience required. New rowers usually race in novice categories for the first year so they will only race against people of similar experience.

Cost: Varies by season. Please see current registration pages for details.

Recreational Program

Commitment: No commitment required. We just ask that if you can’t make it to practice, that you tell us 24 hours in advance.

Practice Times: M, W, F from 4-6 PM

Race/Travel Requirements: None. Encouraged to optionally attend local regattas.

Prerequisites: No experience required. We teach you everything you need to know.

Cost: Varies by season. Please see current registration pages for details.

Winter Training:

Build strength and endurance and improve rowing technique with workouts using rowing machines (ergs), weights and body weight exercises.

Practice Times: M, W,  F from 4-6 PM and Sat from 9-11 AM

Location: Utah State Fairpark

Cost: TBD

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Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant

The California Avenue Rowing Center was made possible in part by a grant from the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation.

Reagan Outdoor

Regan Outdoor is a generous supporter of Utah Crew, helping us spread the word and reach out to our community!

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