Utah Crew is a non-profit organization that is managed entirely by parent volunteers. We need your help and support.  Without parent involvement, Utah Crew would falter and be unable to serve our rowers*.

We are always recruiting for our Board of Directors, to help fill current vacancies or prepare for retirements as rowers graduate and move on. Likewise, there are several volunteer opportunities throughout each season, from chaperoning travel and driving our athletes to supporting local regattas, events, and wherever occasional help is needed.

*Our Competition Team fees include a refundable $100 volunteer fee. Parent or family volunteers who give at least three hours of volunteer time to the team during the season should request their volunteer fee refund in writing at the close of the season.


Utah Crew uses the TeamSnap App to manage schedules and team updates for every athlete in the house. It is also the primary vehicle for securely messaging athletes and a way for athletes to message each other and their coaches.  Athletes are required to RSVP their availability for each practice so coaches can schedule lineups and boat assignments.

Essential Parent Resources

The TeamSnap Playbook Help Pages are an easy way to answer most questions. Visit "Getting Started" for an introduction, then use the search function to get help with specific questions or use the sidebar to browse topics.

TeamSnap Customer Support

Users can contact TeamSnap Customer Support by clicking on the "help" or "help & support" button from the TeamSnap Playbook resources or your TeamSnap account page (website or App).  Email responses are usually made within 24 hours.