Williams Fork Rowfest

Strong Showing Bodes Well for 2018 Season

Utah Crew did great winning in 5 of 8 races at the 2018 Rowfest Williams Fork in Colorado!  Boats with medals included:

M1X: Gold (Carlebach)

M2X: Gold (Jovanovic-Hacon, Fastre)

W1X: Silver (Goldsmith)

W2X: Gold (Volmrich, Lee )

W4X: Silver (Goldsmith, Volmrich, Fisher, Lee)

W4+: Silver (Cornell, Lair, Koutrouba, Williams, Fastre)

Mx4+: Gold (Maughan, Bielaczyc, Cornell, Lair, Brown)

M4+: Gold (Carlebach, Maughan, Jovanovic-Hacon, Bielaczyc, Brown)

Congratulations to the whole team and Go Utah Crew!